VIII Международная конференция по когнитивной науке

VIIIth International Conference on Cognitive Science




Abstracts must be uploaded to the conference website ( Before uploading your abstract please register on the website.

Special attention in abstract selection will be paid to the interdisciplinary of your study. Your results must be clear and relevant for the representatives of other disciplines. Preference will be given to original research proposing novel ideas and approaches. Abstracts will be reviewed by experts representing different branches of cognitive studies.

Abstract submission does not guarantee its publication. Only abstracts selected by the Program Committee will be published in the conference book. Accepted abstracts will be published exactly in the form in which they were uploaded to the website. No editing will be possible after the process submission on the website is closed. (Note: In case you absolutely need to add some important information, such as a mention of grant support, please send the modified version by e-mail.)

An abstract may be written either in English or in Russian and will be published in the language in which it was originally written.

Each author (and co-author) can participate in two abstracts at most. If you submit a second abstract it must be co-authored. At the conference one person can maximally present two papers: one spoken and one poster or two posters. When submitting your abstract please indicate the preferred form of presentation.

An abstract cannot exceed 2 pages of A4 size (12pt font, single-spaced, left and right margins - 25 mm, top and bottom margins - 20 mm). All figures and tables must be numbered and followed by captions.

At the beginning of your file please indicate:
- the title of your abstract (14pt font; centered)
- first names, second name initials and last names of the authors and their e-mail addresses (12pt font; centered)
- institution(s) and, in brackets, the city and the country (12pt font; centered).

Grants acknowledgements must appear in italics, 10pt font, in front of the list of references. The list of references does not need to be titled.

Examples of references in different contexts:

In the book Posner and Raichle 1994 it was shown…

As is shown in the study by Posner and Raichle (1994: 245), ...

This fact is well known (Posner and Raichle 1994, Fisher et al. 1998).

Examples of references in the end of abstract:

Chafe W. 1994. Discourse, consciousness, and time. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

Granström B., House D., Karlsson I. (eds.) 2002. Multimodality in language and speech systems. Norwell: Kluwer.

Fisher S. E., Vargha-Khadem F., Watkins K. E., Monaco A. P., Pembey M. E. 1998. Localisation of a gene implicated in a severe speech and language disorder. Nature Genetics 18, 168–170.

Levy E., Fowler C.A. 2000. The role of gestures and other graded language forms in the grounding of reference in perception. In: D. McNeill (ed.) Language and gesture. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 215–234.

Files to upload

Each abstract must be submitted in a text editor format  (MsWord "doc", or OppenOffice  "rtf" ). Abstracts uploaded in other formats will not be reviewed.

If you use figure, diagrams, or other illustrations in your abstract, please insert them into the file in the black and white format, in high resolution (300 dpi or 600dpi). Please note that figures with low resolution, as well as color or grayscale pictures, can be distorted during publication. In addition, add the figures as separate files (in tif, bmp, or jpg formats) and upload them as one archive file (like "zip").

Files uploading

To upload files go to the “Abstract submission” section of the site. The list of all abstracts you have already uploaded will appear on the screen. Push the “ADD ABSTRACT” button, or go to your abstract page if you have already uploaded a file. You can upload several files on this page and delete old versions or files uploaded by mistake. When you have uploaded a file its name will appear in the list after the title “Abstracts”. If you can see the name of your file in the list, your file has been successfully uploaded to the website.